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Statement/January 2014

BABYLISS SARL is the title holder of the utility patent no. 2 242 393 and of the design registration:

no. 002217927-0001 in relation to the products C1000E, Curl Secret, and 2667U BaByliss Secret Styler intended for the consumer market, and no. 002115832-0008 in relation to the products BAB2665E Miracurl, BAB2665U Perfect Curl, IREBAB2665E Rusk MiraCurl intended for professionals.

In view of the phenomenal global success and the frenzy surrounding these products, the BABYLISS Group has fallen victim to brand impersonation and identity theft both in France and throughout Europe. These acts particularly take the form of the proliferation of fraudulent internet sites offering to sell products which are copies or counterfeits of those mentioned above.

The main fraudulent websites identified to date which have no products to sell but which debit the client and/or sell counterfeit products, are:

  • http://www.babylissfrancepascher2014.eu/agrave-propos-de-nous-ezp-6.html
  • http://www.perfectcurlbabylissfrr.eu/chi-lisseur-c-4.html
  • babylissfrancepascher2014.eu
  • http://www.kylla.fr/
  • babylisscurlsecretparis.eu
  • babylissprocurlsfr.eu
  • babylissperfectcurlfr.com
  • http://www.cogibad.fr/
  • perfectcurlbabylissfr.eu
  • babylissproperfectfr.eu
  • babylissfrance.com
  • babylissfrances.eu
  • https://twitter.com/BaBylissPRO2
  • www.boucleurbabylissfrance.com

BABYLISS SARL would like to point out to you that any risks related to the nonconformity of counterfeit versions of BaByliss products or products which have been slavishly copied are very high as regards consumers. Counterfeit products present serious dangers, especially in relation to health and safety, as these products do not comply with any quality standards.

It should also be remembered that the official web sites of the BABYLISS Group, on which all the information relating to these products is featured, are:

BaByliss products are a guarantee of safety for consumers and the brand has benefited from a particular global reputation for more than 50 years. These attacks are detrimental to its reputation and the BABYLISS Group has taken all legal measures required to tackle these acts which, for those who perpetrate them, constitute very serious legal risks which may result in criminal sanctions.

Before you purchase any product, we would recommend that you take great care; here are some telltale signs which may lead you to question the authenticity of the product being sold:

– Price: too low or too high a price compared to those which you may come across on our well-known sales network (for the consumer market model: large-scale distribution, specialists, hypermarkets, for the professional model: the network of approved professional resellers, the list of which appears in the ”where to buy?” sectionof our website www.babylisspro.com)

– Colours: only ”plum” for the consumer market model and ”black” for the professional model.

– Electric plug: in Europe, only GS-type plugs

– Voltage: our devices are exclusively single voltage, 230V for Europe

For the sake of your protection, BABYLISS SARL is counting on your vigilance and high standards in relation to this phenomenon and would like to thank you for adopting such an approach.